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Android & Apple iOS - TRON
Early Access

CyberFM - Limited Android & Apple iOS Pre-Release will open it's Beta Program to the first 500 users. We will expand this as needed.

Read all requirements: If you can not meet the requirements, we ask that you wait for the full rollout of the Production Release.

To be included you must complete the following: Each user will be manually verified.

1. You must submit your Email and Tron Public Address.

2. You must hold a minimum of 5 CYFM Tokens as JustSwap Liquidity in the same wallet that you will link to the app. JustSwap CYFM - TRX

3. After you purchase your minimum of 5 CYFM, you will need to add that CYFM / TRX to the pool. After doing so it will send the LP tokens to your wallet.

4. View your LP Tokens in your wallet by entering: TPwoQAUmTNEXfmCEG54JLSsLvXtqA1UWLH
(This is the contract address for the Liquidity Pool Tokens.)

For reference, TRC20 CYFM contract address is: TZ5jA9F5zGRgi9qk9ATMu6D7wyEpnxQGJh

The holding is necessary to allow the team to test mobile farming and other features.

You are participating as an "Early Adopter." Final Earnings from this Beta is subject to change regardless of amount shown in the dApp. Other restrictions may apply.

Download the Android & Apple iOS mobile dApp at today.

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